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Japanese style cabinet Louis Midavaine Japanese style lacquer twentieth lacquered wood

In the 17th arrondissement of Paris is the Atelier Midavaine, a lively workshop manufacturing beautiful lacquer furniture, paneling and paneling, overseen by Anne Midavaine, granddaughter of lacquer artist Louis Midavaine, who founded the company in 1919. Working with clients from the United States, Europe, Russia and beyond, Midavaine creates unique pieces for decorators, including Juan Pablo Molyneux, Pierre Yves Rochon, Nicholas Haslam and Peter Marino, as well as for luxury brands such as Chanel, Four Seasons Hotels and Cartier. She is always discreet on the various palaces, yachts and royal planes that she was responsible for decorating, but she is particularly proud of the growing demand from Japan and the China, a country renowned for its own traditions in terms of beautiful inlaid lacquer furniture.

Width : 105
Height : 176
Depth : 50

Category : ??????
Style : Orientaliste
Period : 20th century

Price : 3800


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